Increase your potential for success with the PERLXpress System, C-PERL’s proprietary production platform in which caterpillars serve as living bioreactors (Technology).

Tissue heterogeneity not possible with insect cell culture

    • Provides alternate cellular environments for high-level expression of even the most difficult-to-produce proteins; expression levels often exceed 10 g/Kg
    • Increases the probability that proteins will be modified and processed to resemble fully functional native proteins

Automated system without insect cell culture limitations

    • Rapid and cost effective – tens to hundreds of milligrams of protein in as little as two weeks without the expense of cell culture media
    • Flexible and reliable – from microgram quantities for physical or functional analyses to large scale production
    • Minimal process engineering needed during scale up

Expertise and experience

The design and optimization of baculovirus constructs for protein production in insect larvae is a core competency honed by years of long-term customer partnerships. Our molecular tools, including our proprietary PERLBac Vectors optimized for use with the PERLXpress System, allow us to enhance expression and solubility, while our experience and expertise facilitate recovery, purification, and characterization.

The C-PERL® team strives to meet the exacting requirements of our customers for custom protein services (Services) from the design and optimization of genes and vectors to the production and testing of final product. We also offer protein research reagents (Products), including difficult-to-produce proteins not available from other sources.